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Our Commitment to Acoustic Design

SDigital is the premier brand of our company, S.E.M. Industries, and it represents the expression of our 2 core values of design: Aesthetics and Acoustics.

Formed in 1988, S.E.M. Industries began as a private label (OEM) manufacturer of personal and portable audio products. And over the past three decades, we have evolved to become a leading design house of consumer products based on mainstream digital audio technologies including Bluetooth, Optical, and Wifi.

Our headquarters in Hong Kong are a state-of-the-art facility that houses our innovative and highly experienced R&D team, an acoustics testing laboratory, our advanced industrial design studio and a fully equipped engineering depart- ment, along with a high-tech graphics and media studio. All sales activities are also conducted out of our HK facilities, where we present our exclusive products in state-of-the-art showrooms. We invite you to contact and visit us for business opportunities such as becoming one of our international distributors.

Come see and hear why we are the Wireless Music Specialists.

After almost 30 years of designing and building world class audio entertainment for many famous global brands, we decided in 2012 that it was time to go one step further and launch our own brand “SDigital” directly to consumers.

Using our many years of skill and experience in design and audio engineering, Sdigital brings affordable world class wireless audio products that cater to the needs of everyone.

We believe that whether you are at home or outdoors, on the beach, hiking, or even swimming, you deserve high definition wireless audio that looks great. So Sdigital audio systems always produce precise and rich sounding music with cool and cutting edge designs.

We don't think that an active lifestyle should prevent anyone from enjoying high quality audio – so with our engineering of portable, durable, splash and even water submersible products, we’ve made studio caliber portable sound a reality.

But never at the compromise of aesthetics- we are passionate about every design detail. Each SDigital model is carefully sculpted with architectural precision, to achieve the best, most desirable shape and form with superior nishing and materials to give our products a simple elegance that transcends time, making our products feel forever modern. Sdigital is form, function, and technology, all perfectly fused together. And all state of the art.

This is SDigital... and music never looked this good!